Burma army resume attacks on Shan positions

Burma Military Resume

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Donate to Stop Genocide in BurmaThank you for caring for people that no one seems to care about.Burma Task Force is urging the public to call the offices of Secretary of State. Nov 12, 2016. Maungdaw The Burmese military has resumed heavy assaults on the Rohingya villages in northern Maungdaw starting since this early morning, once again after the attacks on October 9 that destroyed many Rohingya villages in the region, reliable sources report. Currently, the Rohingya villages are. The emperor of China and the king of Burma would resume friendly relations, regularly exchanging. Yet it proved that there were limits to the Burmese military power.

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Myanmar (Burma) Since 1962: The Failure of Development

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Jan 11, 2018. 1962 - U Nus faction ousted in military coup led by Gen Ne Win, who abolishes the federal system and inaugurates the Burmese Way to Socialism - nationalising the economy, forming a single-party state with the Socialist Programme Party as the sole political party, and banning independent newspapers.