George W. Bush's 2003 Resume

George Bush Resume

On 01.03.2018

George W. Bushs Resume. By Kelley Kramer - 042503. I recently had an email exchange with a right-winger from my local newspaper. Resume George W. Bush The White House, USA. I never liked Bush as a president, I did not want him to win when the election was held. RESUME - George W. Bush George W. Bush The White House, USA Past Work Experience I ran for Congress and lost. I bought an oil company, but couldnt find any oil in. Wedding speech writing services Nearly all of George Bushs successes after being elected to office in 1999 were based on emotion and not on the kinds of items a resume is meant to contain. Here is one notable instance of that, when Bushs approval ratings went up to almost 90. Hello. My name is George Bush and Im running for President. Please consider my accomplishments as set forth in the following resume.

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