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Sep 19, 2007. Whatever condition killed them off in the past has likely changed back, and forth in the environmental tug of war that this planet is constantly in. If the Dinosaurs were killed due to lack of sunlight (from an asteroid impact), then that condition does not currently exist. If animals were hunted to extinction by. At the Museum students will conduct research in the Dinosaur Hall to choose an extinction theory they agree with, then record the evidence they found that supports it. 2. Back in the classroom, through a class presentation or essay, students will present which theory they support and explain why using evidence. Duration. Oct 18, 2004. For a hundred and forty million years, the dinosaurs were dominant. Then, all of a sudden they all disappeared. Something must have killed them off. What was it? The idea that mass extinctions are caused by impacts from outer space has been the most popular explanation. It is certainly one of the best. Jun 9, 2016. The notion of dinosaurs still existing today was taken to the extreme by the Jurassic Park film franchise which explored the consequences of reviving long dead dinosaurs through genetic engineering for business and entertainment purposes. Even more intriguing are the folk tales of tribal people such as.

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The extinction of the dinosaurs

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Could we, should we, bring the dinosaurs back?

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